I’ve got something to Crow about!


crow making

A few months ago someone asked me to make some quarter-scale miniature crows.  I love when people ask me to make items because it gives me new ideas.  To be honest, I never would have thought of making CROWS!

I actually had no idea where to start when making these birds.  Fortunately, the very same person who asked me to make them also added me to this amazing crow group on Facebook.  Who would have thought that there are Facebook pages dedicated to the love of crows?

Through this page I learned a lot about crows.  Did you know that if you feed crows on a regular basis they will bring you gifts?!?  That is right- a crow will bring you a gift to say “thank you” and “I really like you”.  Many of these gifts are shiny items.  They might be a bottle cap, reflective paper, or a coin.  These are smart little guys with a bunch of personality.

After learning so much about them, I decided that we should try to befriend some and lure them to our yard.  I did express this desire to my husband (for him to entice them that is) and all I got was a blank stare.  He told me to check google for tips that I might try.  Don’t worry, I haven’t given up and soon he’ll be on board, waiting for those gifts too.

In this picture, I have a man and woman baked, a man ready to be baked, and the start of a woman.  I’ll dress both women with fabric in a few days.  Be sure to check out my Etsy store for these latest listings. (click here to go to my store)