I have always loved doll houses.  When I was very young, I used a shoe box on top of a little plastic table to make my house.  My parents then got me a hand-me-down plastic doll house from a neighbor which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Finally, my dad decided to work with me to build a Victorian Doll House- he even put real working lights into the house.  This was quite an accomplishment in the 1980’s.  I have also always loved to make things from pressing flowers to scrapbooks to home decor.  You can probably, then, understand why I was so drawn to polymer clay- I could make ANYTHING with this medium.

The very first item I made to sell was modeled after our guinea pigs.  Surprisingly (LOL), there weren’t too many people interested in purchasing a guinea pig dressed in clothing for their quarter scale houses, so I branched out.  I have made all sorts of animals, people and accessories in quarter scale since then.

Today I wanted to share with you some of the inspirations for my work.  My children are a lot older than in these pictures now and give me some very perceptive recommendations for how to improve my creations.  Even though I am sometime busy with them and can’t create as much, I know I will always find my way back to polymer clay.